Some Little Prayers I Made with The Dying Sun of 2018

May this year,bring to all of us, joy, affection and Peace.

May it bring cure to the sick.

May it come with plesure for the sorrowed.

May it hold solution for the troubled.

May it help us realize our faults and rectify them.

May the New Sun that raises tomorrow beautify Souls.

May it bring to us, the power to accept our flaws.

May every regret Die a natural Death.

May every angered learns to Embrace.

May every misconception disappears.

May every part of the world be glorified with love, harmony and peace.

May it help us, make a little space for everyone.

May every woman feel empowered.

May every child is allowed to rejoice his childhood.

May every darkness eradicates itself.

May every relationship Thrive.

May every human being smell the essence of Victory.

May every nation turns its sword into flowers.

May every religion feel protected.

May every spiritual belief live through this year.

May every hurdle to peace and change be overcame.

May We all reach to the best destiny.

May the world become a better place to live.

May each life become precious to the other.

May each soul lives flourishes and shines.

May We all, Be driven towards Happiness.

And that is what I want for this new year, My friends.

A Happy New Year!

With Love, Sedef.

An Opinion: Jemal Khashoggi’s Death.

ĪWho killed Jamal Khashoggi?

It is a question not an acid test to be answered. They say “you can escape everything but death”. The way his death was earlier denied and then connived by the state government is enough to give enough validations of his premeditated murder. Jamal Khashoggi used to quote in his conversation that not a single morning was dawned; however he didn’t miss his country.
Arab spring of Muhammed Bin Salman has done nothing with the individual freedom in Saudi Arabia. Why modern Muslim leaders lack compassion? Lack of being compassionate is what the core reason behind the brutal and cold-blooded murder of acclaimed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. And its alleged main character is Muhammad Bin Salman himself.
In fact the Saudi Crown Prince introduced revolutionary steps since he ascended the throne in 2016. It included women’s inclusion in almost all spheres of life which was forbidden earlier in orthodox Arab society. He abolished sanction on women’s going to stadiums to watch different games and took drastic step of giving ladies right to drive vehicles. Apart from making women acknowledging their social rights, he made possible arrangement of concerts and musical activities.
All these steps were taken as positive vibes of tolerance and making Saudi Arabia having a moderate outlook towards society.
But Arab spring did never to ameliorate the political milieu of the state. Saudi Arabia continued its state to get embroiled in war against another Islamic country Yemen.
Being an origin of Islam, it’s the duty of the kingdom not to get involved in any sort of acrimony with any country to convey the message of harmony across the globe and thus an attempt to assuage so called Islamophobia prevailing particularly in European countries.
Jamal Khashoggi was asked many times not to bang up against the young Saudi crown prince but he didn’t make this Faustian bargain and kept on urging Muhammad Bin Salman towards enlightenment, what according to him, the modern Saudi state should be.
In order to avert Khashoggi to give voice to the opposition of regime, he was barred from writing by the government and his twitter account having 2 million followers was also taken from him. He was fired twice by the government as an editor of newspaper Al Watan.
Even his leaving for America could not save him from impetuousness of MBS and he was not heard again as he went to Saudi consulate established in Istanbul to obtain paperwork to marry his researcher fiancée.
Khashoggi, as a contributor of the Washington Post, used to liken the behavior of Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) with Vladimir Putin. His channel in Bahrain, giving voice to activists and opposition of Arab regime was closed by Saudi officials as a threat to rebellion against the kingdom.

The Girl who Committed suicide.

Roshan Farrukh On Tuesday, in Pakistan Committed Suicide by Virtue of Depression. She was a bright and talented soul who was gripped by Depression of not being able to perform in life to her full potential. Roshaan committed suicide, by jumping of the fourth floor of her university, in front of a mass of students. Yet, people preferred recording videos, instead of lapping up and helping her. Roshaan was engulfed by this very insensitive world, its comments and selfishness. Depressingly People are still passing comments on her death and calling her a coward. How sad is that?

Roshaan was struggling with depression and seeked help, yet nobody paid attention and called her “an annoying girl with sad posts”. Later, alot of friends were seen regretting their very words.

She even posted on her instagram, just a day before the saddening departure, she was looking beautiful in a yellow Saree and a caption that said,

Hey so if I decide to kill myself anytime soon, just remember me like this. Just in this Saree, happy, too happy.”

What else could be a clear cry of help?

Rushaan’s last Pinterest Image said, “Nobody ever willed to help”. Cant believe, we failed her, as a Society. High Time, we stop judging, accusing, and making people feel bad for what they love. How many more suicides will it take? Don’t let her fade away in days. Don’t forget her, the way we forgot, every other girl. Don’t let her soul pass away without a message. She asked for help. She screamed for it. She called for help, a thousand times through posts, sayings. Yet nobody heard her. And now, everyone is left with regrets. The family, the friends the university fellows. No one to blame however, this is the moment. To reconsider, our behaviours, our attitudes and our lives. How dead are we? Why cant we pay attention to what happens around us? When will we proudly stand and say; We as a Society, hampered this event. Are we even living? Are we humans or just materialistic Robots running and forgetting behind those, who cant keep the pace. Its not their faults. Its ours. I am Extremely Sad. I haven’t been able to presume anything else
Rest In Peace Roshaan.
We are Sorry!

This section, will purely, include my stance at an issue. You might agree or disagree. I hope to hear different opinions which Might even help me formulate and develop my outlook about topics.

With Love,


110 Words Daily: Zayn Malik’s All-New Explosion

Zayn Malik, the British singer, once-One Direction member and boyfriend to Gigi Hadid, was the celebrity many Muslims, especially Pakistani ones, liked to claim as their own because dude had a father who was a Pakistani Muslim and his family appears to be Muslim. Well, it all just blew up in all those fans’ faces after his recent interview. Where he frankly admitted he wont call himself a Muslim. The interview roared on Instagram and Twitter and for some reasons With Muslims came the reactions of directioners too, who asked what would he leave next and that he wasn’t believable anymore.
But then again, I guess, what matters most is that Zayn is a human being, one who doesn’t do anything negative to others. Whatever faith he chooses to believe in or not really his personal matter, as he himself said. To each their own!
That’s all.

110 Words Daily: Poet of East: Illama Iqbal

9th November, marks the birthday of Illama Iqbal, the National Poet of Pakistan and popularly known as “The Poet of East”. Illama Iqbal was an internationally recognized poet, a lot of his content in Persian, Urdu and Hindi was translated to English, German and Italian. The most significant topic of his poetry was the “Philosophy of Self-reliance and being thankful about what you’ve been bestowed with. He was the first one to give the Idea of Partition of Sub-continent. Iqbal was a thinker, a philosopher and a Doctor. He excelled in whatever he did and Pakistan is a creation of Iqbal’s mind. He loved Subcontinent Dearly and the famous Indian patriotic Song “Saray Jahan say Acha Hindustan Hamara” is an Iqbal’s Creation.

110 Words Daily: Aasia Bibi and “Qualified” Pakistanis

Asia Bibi who was recently acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the death sentence of the High Court overruled, her punishment dismissed and was pronounced innocent in a case filed against her for blasphemy. It was a massively brave decision by the Supreme Court and every sane and educated person was proud of the fact, that Law and constitution finally prevailed and a Christian woman was delivered pure justice. However the Mullahs took to the roads to express their rage against the decision and didn’t take the effort of even reading the verdict once, which followed all the perspectives of Islam, and satisfied the Label of “Islamic Democracy” What was particularly depressing, were the educated young people, speaking up against the decision, taking on the roads, destroying cities and jamming the entire country. I wonder what worth is your education, if it didn’t teach you peace and patriotism. What good did it do if it did not teach you the basic lesson of “Know before you react” Alas! Where are we going as a nation?

This section, will purely, include my stance at an issue. You might agree or disagree. I hope to hear different opinions which Might even help me formulate and develop my outlook about topics.

With Love,


110 Words Daily: A Peach Blueberry Smoothie

Here is an amazing drink, particularly popular in Asia. This Dairy-free peach and blueberry smoothie is a perfect way to kick off your day. Its full of proteins, and nutrients and helps keep you active through out the day. The best thing is its quick and easy to make and compliments both your diet and a perfect pick for Vegans who need a change of taste. It is one of the top loved drinks among Asian countries like China, Pakistan, India and Hong Kong. If you haven’t yet had the essence of an Asian Healthy Drink, I recommend trying this out once. You might as well love the eastern way of staying healthy and energetic!

This section, will purely, include my stance at an issue. You might agree or disagree. I hope to hear different opinions which Might even help me formulate and develop my outlook about topics.

With Love,


110 Words Daily: U.S. Midterm Elections

Tuesday marks an important date for U.S. and for the entire World, as Americans are set to deliver its verdict on Trump. In my Opinion, today, Democrats, might Prevail, embellishing the Victory of “Anti-Trump”. As an Asian, My despise for Trump is natural, as my passport has already lost all its charm, and being a Pakistani, or what trump calls us “The aid providers of terrorists” has put Pakistan’s stock market in Great Loss. My hate for Trump got intense after his totally biased narrative at Kashoggi’s death. Trump’s repeated Generalizing towards Muslims, Eastern and Pakistanis is dangerous for us at all level. I strongly wish, the democrats prevail today, it might hold at least release a few good vibes towards the Asian World and the progressive democracy. As Trump, is nothing but a discouragement, and a Twitter Geek.

This section, will purely, include my stance at an issue. You might agree or disagree. I hope to hear different opinions which Might even help me formulate and develop my outlook about topics.

With Love,


110 Words Daily: Expulsion Of Victor Mallet.

Recently, Victor Mallet, “The Financial Times” Journalist was expelled, after he hosted a talk by Andy Chan, who is pressing for Hong Kong independence from China. In my perspective, this might be a signal to a new limit on political Speech. What is up, with states and governments trying to hold-back the rights of speech. After Khashoggi’s death, and the Hungarians’ protesting for the independence of press. I, as an aspiring journalist, cant see for myself a safe and sound future. Journalism and journalists deserve to be protected, for the sake of democracy and a peaceful world. Journalists are the people that create fair impact and protecting them, is a civil duty, of the state.

This section, will purely, include my stance at an issue. You might agree or disagree. I hope to hear different opinions which Might even help me formulate and develop my outlook about topics.

With Love,


A Welcome Note!

First of all, Thank you, for clicking and deciding to read up and check out my blog. I am honoured!

Here’s a little introduction of your Scribbler, I hope, by the end of this you have followed my blog, and we’d be interacting.

I am an Asian Young Lady. Pretty much my introduction? I belong to the beautiful land of 5 rivers and gigantic mountains. Endless Deserts and thick forests. My country was once known as the “Golden Sparrow” by Europe and the Western World. By now, you would’ve guessed I am talking about Pakistan!

I am a Pakistani, and sadly enough, my land has experienced countless traumas, which affected it economically and socially. It, most significantly, disturbed the minds and psyche of people, which craved in them, a sense of fear. Our people gradually became more and more conservative and unacceptable towards changes. Various events, such as Bhutto (The Ex-Prime Minister) of the country hanged, His Daughter’s assassination, 16th December Attack on ARMY PUBLIC School Peshawar made the nation frightened and slowly it destructed the nation.

Today, in 2018, Pakistan Faces the worst economic and social Issues. We are in a “cold war”. We are striving to reevaluate ourseleves, shape ourselevs and change our ways.

As per me, I am a Pakistani and a Secular-liberal one. I am a writer, and have contributed to various Pakistani Magazines, and newspapers. I have blogged for Dunya, written articles for Renowned magazines Like Smash!, TeenInk, TeenTimes etc. My radical Ideas have faced both criticism and apreciation. However, I am NOT AN EXTREMIST in any of my ideas (do not leave my blog just here, haha). My perceptions are slightly different, I have illustrated a Pakistan, in my imagination, that is a prospering free nation. However its a long way to go. I have buckled myself up, to play my part!

The initiative of this blog is to fairly, enlighten you with the social, political and economic challenges faced by Asia, and the Progressive democracies of the continent. However, I might offer you a slightly different Experience. My blog will include:

An Everyday Post.

This post will be called “110-Words-Daily”. An Image will be selected from the newspapers, Google Trending page or elsewhere. I will describe the story behind the Picture, in 110 words. I might as well offer to you my perspective and solution to it. It will be open to discussions and I will be glad to receive different opinions about it! Please support this idea, it only grows if you respond me.

2- Weekly Publication:

I will try my best to adjust my schedule in a way, to ensure to articles every week. These articles will be published one on Wednesday, the other on Saturday.

Final Word:

I might not be an exceptional Critic. There might be times, where you wont agree with me, but I respect, difference of opinion with all my heart. Please remember, disrespect is not the way. Please DO NOT abuse each other or me. Despise an opinion, not the person. Lets create a constructive environment, where we share and provide our opinions with an exemplary environment.


With Love,

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